Robotic neurorehabilitation

Field: Robotics

Task: Cabling concept for a therapeutic arm training device

Customer: Hocoma AG

For the Armeo®Spring, joylab developed a cabling concept which connects the complete sensor system of the arm orthosis to a bus system. The cable routing was designed in such a way that the degrees of freedom of a total of 8 joints are taken into account. This is further enhanced by aspects such as length adjustment of the individual segments, modularity, pluggability, right/left alternation, EMC and service life.

Hocoma is the global market leader in the development, production and distribution of robot- and sensor-supported devices for functional movement therapy.

With the support of joylab, Hocoma was not only able to compensate for insufficient internal development resources, but also to benefit from the best possible advice in this field. The resulting technical solution offers the optimal solution in terms of usability, durability and serviceability.